Environmental LCA in Aviation

With governments and industry committing to increasing sustainability targets during COP26, the aviation industry does not stand by. During the conference, ICAO presented the first edition of Innovation Driving Sustainability, reiterating ICAO members’ commitments of carbon neutral growth from 2020 onwards and of 2% annual fuel efficiency improvement through to 2050. Canadian Advanced Air Mobility […]

The Carbon Intensity of a ChristmasTree

The holiday season is finally here – which means it’s time to deck the halls and set up the Christmas tree! But have you ever wondered how long it took to grow that Christmas tree you purchased… or if you prefer an artificial tree, where that tree originated from and how it went from raw […]

Program Update – Canada Grassland Protocol

The “Retaining Canada’s Grasslands Using Carbon Offset Markets”, pilot project was launched in March 2021 at the Saskatchewan PCAP “Prairie’s Got the Goods Week”. Nearly one year from its launch we are excited to invite all our stakeholders to showcase our achievements, lessons and progress towards our goal of enabling opportunities for grassland retention through […]