About Us

Our Mission

Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

At Brightspot Climate, we believe in protecting our world for all species and for future generations. We focus on delivering innovative and practical solutions to the climate challenge.

Our team connects the dots between business, government and the people in our communities to achieve shared sustainability goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are all connected and share roots, as far back as that may be. Brightspot recognizes that systemic issues have negatively impacted some of these roots; we are committed to fighting those issues head-on. Brightspot is dedicated to actions that advance the movement towards a more just and equitable society, with a focus on:

1) Embracing the inclusion of underrepresented and minority groups;

2) Enhancing leadership in the LGBTQ+ community; and

3) Advancing women in professional fields, particularly in science and engineering

The Brightspot Story

The name “Brightspot” contains many facets of our company ethos. We strive to lead by example; a North Star in the climate mitigation night sky. And as much as we are excited about tomorrow’s possibilities, we also have a great respect for our history:

Brightspot School was a small, one-room school on the Saskatchewan prairies. Several members of the extended Schroeder family attended the school. In 1983, Lorne and Theresa Schroeder adopted the name for their family dairy farm, Brightspot Holsteins. Within this history, there’s a passion for our deep prairie roots and the special places we will always cherish.

Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

At the core, our name demonstrates our company’s foundation in education, connection to the land, zeal for the environment, and hope for our families and friends. Together we can build a strong community, a healthier world, and a brighter future.

Meet The Team

Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

Aaron Schroeder, P.Eng.

Aaron has 13 years of experience analyzing, quantifying and auditing greenhouse gas emissions in North America. Prior to forming Brightspot in 2015, Aaron worked for several years leading a team of 15 GHG verification and policy analysts across Canada with ICF International.
Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

Julie Tartt, C.Dir.

Senior Operations Manager
[email protected]
After completing her degree in environmental science, Julie gained 15 years experience in greenhouse gas accounting in both the development and verification of GHG emissions inventories. Since 2019, her focus has been on helping clients understanding climate risk and developing low-carbon strategies.
Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

Jeanna Brown, P.Eng.

[email protected]
Jeanna has over 15 years experience in the energy industry, the majority spent as a Drilling Engineer in the upstream oil and gas sector before joining Brightspot. She has worked in Yeman and Norway, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
Michelle Stelmach

Michelle Stelmach, P.Ag.

Senior Manager
[email protected]
Michelle has worked with producers, farmers, and ranchers in many different capacities in sales and service, consulting, research and verification, as well as in feed manufacturing and food processing. The common goal throughout is the productions of top quality, safe and sustainable food, which Canadian farmers pride themselves on growing.
Keith Knudsen

Keith Knudsen, P.Eng.

Senior Manager
[email protected]
Keith's career passion has been renewable energy and sustainability since 2007, building and supporting renewable energy projects throughout Canada. He has expertise in renewable energy project planning, technical capacity in wind, solar and other renewable technologies, and experience in greenhouse gas quantification.
Photo of Sheldon Fernandes

Sheldon Fernandes, P.Eng., MBA

Sheldon has worked in many different sectors, including energy and the environment, finance, conservation, telecom, education, entertainment, and at one point, for the Department of National Defense! His core motivation for working on climate issues is species conservation and he loves getting others' perspectives on energy and climate issues.
Rowley Brown

Rowley Brown, P.Eng.

Field Manager
[email protected]
After starting his professional career in 2007 at an investment bank in Australia, Rowley joined an oilfield services provider, where he specialized in Directional Drilling for oil and gas wells. Prior to joining Brightspot, he worked in various technical roles including well design, drilling optimization, reservoir contact optimization and field supervision.
Lorena Ellsworth

Lorena Ellsworth, P.Eng.

Lorena has spent over 15 years working in the energy sector across Western Canada. She has supervised rigs as a Drilling Engineer in B.C., completed wells and optimized petroleum production in Alberta, and managed pipeline and facility construction projects in Saskatchewan.