Carbon Market Analysis Advisory

Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

On January 1, 2020, carbon pricing was formally implemented in every province and territory. In Canada, carbon pricing is applied as a pollution price for industry and/or fuel.

Aside from carbon pricing, Brightspot Climate is intimately familiar with BC’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

We also keep an eye out for incoming policy changes and follow developments in the federal Clean Fuel Regulations.

Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

Brightspot Climate’s experts have years of experience advising provincial governments and stakeholder groups across Canada to help develop and hone carbon pricing policies. We also help organizations strategize their best path forward given carbon price and policy forecasts. Our work includes:

  • Research and consultations

  • Regulatory analysis

  • Policy framework development

  • Compliance market supply-and-demand modeling

  • Offset protocol development

  • Offset system design guidance