Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is something we all have in common. It is usually subtle and easily missed, but when brought to our conscious awareness, it can knock us off our “status quo” path and alter the way we perceive the world.
At Brightspot, we believe understanding and overcoming unconscious bias involves three main steps: education, reflection, and action. In other words, educating ourselves about the common types of biases, reflecting on how these biases influence our decision-making process and attitudes towards people, deliberately seeking more diverse perspectives, and implementing these learnings into our own lives.
At work and in our personal lives, biases disproportionately affect some people more than others. This calls for us to become allies—by doing the work and shifting our mindset, we can offer a helping hand to those in more compromising and frustrating situations.
Facing our unconscious biases can be a mentally challenging exercise. The purpose is not to invoke shame or guilt, but rather to acknowledge the reality of living in an imperfect world while realizing the impacts our actions can have on one another, and simply taking these lessons and learning to do better.
The infographic presented below is applicable in and out of the workplace.

About the Author

Deepika Mahadevan