Brightspot delivers innovative and practical solutions to environmental challenges. Our team offers services that help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

Brightspot’s scope of work ranges from greenhouse gas accounting (the foundation of our business) to helping organizations understand how their technical operations affect, and are affected by, GHG accounting, to how climate-mitigation efforts influence organizational strategy. Our engagements include looking through multiple lenses to design strategy, work that relies on understanding the perspectives of different stakeholders, such as investors and employees, and knowledge of the Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial regulatory contexts.

Carbon Market Analysis Advisory

Brightspot Climate helps governments and stakeholder groups develop and hone carbon-pricing policies. We also teach and advise companies on carbon policies.

Greenhouse Gas Verification

Brightspot Climate is an accredited verification body by the Standards Council of Canada. We perform greenhouse gas verifications for numerous industries and sectors.

Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

Carbon Neutral Programs

Brightspot Climate helps organizations and governments develop carbon-neutral programs. We lead by example—Brightspot has been carbon neutral since 2016.

Emission Reduction Project Development

Brightspot Climate helps organizations of all kinds implement innovative projects to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Life Cycle Assessments

Brightspot Climate performs life cycle assessments for processes and products in accordance with ISO 14040, 14044, and 14067. 

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Brightspot Climate helps organizations measure and manage the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their business operations and supply chains.