Carbon Neutral Plan

Brightspot has been carbon neutral since 2016. This plan presents measures we will take to ensure we remain carbon neutral and to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our goal is to be more than carbon neutral.

We want to be a leader in supporting and accelerating climate action in Canada and beyond. As such, our plan includes actions that pursue emission reductions outside of our scope 1, 2, and 3 emission sources.

The actions we have taken, and intend to take, are described below.

Actions Taken in 2023

Brightspot Net-zero Challenge

In early 2023, we initiated the Brightspot Net Zero Challenge, with the following premise: Imagine that Brightspot has given you $50,000 with which you can do anything that leads to GHG emission reductions or removals. How would you spend it?

We had a great response, and ideas from the challenge influenced several of the actions identified in this plan.

ECCC’s Net Zero Challenge

In April 2023, we signed on to ECCC’s Net Zero Challenge. By signing up for the challenge, Brightspot agreed to develop a preliminary net-zero plan within 12 months, set at least two interim emissions reduction targets consistent with achieving net-zero by 2050, report on progress annually, and review and update the net-zero plan at least once every five years.

Scope 3 Emissions Workshop

Brightspot held an internal workshop in late 2023 to determine whether we should include scope 3 categories other than business travel. We determined that we should include employee commuting as an emission source on an ongoing basis; as such, starting in 2024, Brightspot will track activity data related to employee commuting.

Pursue Value-Chain Emission Reductions

In 2023, Brightspot donated funds to support Food Stash, a foundation in Vancouver that collects surplus food from grocery stores and delivers it to non-profits and charities across the city. Food Stash was relying on an aging, diesel-powered fridge that was leaking refrigerant. Brightspot’s funds went toward upgrading Food Stash’s fridge to an electric unit, which saved 12.7 tonnes of CO2e in 2023.

Actions Planned for 2024

  • Climate-aware hiring practices
  • Optimize site-visit travel
  • Complete research into implementing internal carbon pricing
  • Pursue value-chain emissions reductions
  • Indirectly reduce air-travel emissions
  • Incorporate additional scope 3 emission sources into our GHG inventory

Possible Future Actions

  • Actions to enhance the electricity grid in Western Canada
  • Move to low or zero-carbon offices
  • Move towards low-carbon travel
  • Implement employee engagement program