GHG Verification

Brightspot Climate Inc. is an accredited verification body by the Standards Council of Canada.

Canadian Climate Change Consulting Firm

Brightspot Climate experts have completed over 200 independent verifications of industrial facility annual greenhouse gas emission reports. Verification of industrial facility greenhouse gas reports for regulatory compliance requires in-depth knowledge of the applicable quantification methodologies, with focus on key details such as proper emission source categorization, measurement and sampling frequencies, validation of data and contingent data approaches.

Canadian Climate Change Consulting Firm
Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Consulting Firm

Numerous companies have engaged Brightspot Climate to provide verification services for industrial facilities in the following sectors:

Oil & gas extraction and processing (natural gas plants, in-situ oil sands facilities, refining, upgrading)

Electricity generation (hydro, coal and natural gas fired, including cogeneration)

Pulp and Paper

Mining (coal, oil sands)

Natural Gas Pipelines


Public Sector (universities)

These greenhouse gas reports were verified and submitted under several provincial regulations, the provincial-federal harmonized reporting regulation and The Climate Registry (voluntary program).

Brightspot Climate also has extensive experience in verification of Emission Offset Projects within the Alberta Emissions Offset System. Verification of offset projects requires extensive knowledge of the applicable Protocols, relevant quantification methodologies and ISO 14064 requirements. Our team members have verified the following types of offset projects:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Renewable electricity generation

  • CO2 capture and storage

  • Methane reduction through pneumatic devices

  • Waste heat recovery

  • Waste management

  • Conservation cropping

  • Beef and dairy management

  • Nitrogen fertilizer management