Sustainability & Innovation

Brightspot Climate believes that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To build a more sustainable world, Brightspot has a variety of initiatives underway to create impact in our communities.

Emissions Inventory and Carbon Neutral Plan

Since 2016, Brightspot has been quantifying and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations. Check out our emissions inventory and carbon neutral plan here! 

Brightspot Labs

Brightspot encourages staff to spend regular time learning about developments in the carbon regulatory space and beyond. Check out our staff passion projects on our blog!

At Brightspot, we believe understanding and overcoming unconscious bias involves three main steps.

Canada’s approach to carbon pricing has been shaped by international agreements, political developments, and the uniqueness of the Canadian government’s relationship with the provinces and territories.

Feeling a little cloudy between the two definitions?


Brightspot employees participate in a variety of initiatives, including those below. If you have an initiative or project in the community where Brightspot can add value, feel free to reach out.

ISO Technical Committees

Brightspot staff volunteer on international ISO technical committees to represent the Canadian perspective. Staff have worked on Technical Committee 207-Sub-Committee 7 and the Joint Working Group 6 to improve the standardization of GHG emissions, climate change adaption, and update the ISO-14066 standard on verification team competencies.

The Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate is an industry-led initiative dedicated to accelerating the transition to a zero-emissions shipping industry in British Columbia. Brightspot has been a member of VMCC since its inception, helping to accelerate the deployment of greenhouse gas-reduction solutions in an underrepresented sector looking to jumpstart climate action.

Brightspot participates in a quarterly advisory council that aims to provide industry insight and feedback on programs, conferences, and initiatives organized and run by staff and faculty of the Schulich School of Engineering.

Brightspot is working to build climate change knowledge in the community of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, with the Kitikmeot Heritage Society. We have presented on diverse climate-change topics and the potential for clean energy technology in Canada’s Arctic.

Brightspot works with other technical experts to develop offset protocols for the Canadian, Alberta, and Saskatchewan governments.

Earth Day

Brightspot recognizes Earth Day as a day to appreciate our planet by spending time together outdoors. Over the years, we have spent Earth Day hiking, watching documentaries, repotting plants, and picking up litter. 

Profit Sharing

Brightspot believes in contributing to our communities, and we annually donate a portion of our annual profit to local charities selected by our employees.